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BraveHeart and Clover

March 16, 2017

Since today is St. Patrick's Day, we put together a little video montage to honor our cute little Clover and her big, loyal love buddy, BraveHeart. While each and every one of Tammi’s eight rescue horses have all brought with them their own brand of courage, dignity, and heart, this unlikely duo epitomizes the essence of pair bonding and what unabashed love truly looks like. The iconic Irish clover leaf, or shamrock, is in the familiar shape of a heart, In much the same way, the For Hank's Sake horses, their collective survival, companionship, and bond is what makes up the heartbeat of the herd. Symbolically, the Equinox Stables and For Hank's Sake logos both incorporate the same little heart shaped splotch that is visible on rescue ambassador Hank's head. With that, we wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day, BraveHeart and Clover. Keep looking over one another, sweet loves of our forever green pasture

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