Hay, Help a Horse Out

It takes a lot of hope, hay, and hard work to keep the farm at Equinox Stables going. Committed to individualized care for every member of our herd, we provide specialized diets, regular visits from the farrier, veterinary care and much more. Retired racehorses also require specific aftercare just like any other professional athlete.  


A general donation to the herd can be made at any level, but if reading the stories of any of our herd members reaches out to you, we offer a Sponsor a Horse program to help offset the cost of caring for a member of our beloved herd. 


Horses need time to rest and recover from the rigors of racing or the traumas experienced living a life of neglect. For Hank’s Sake spares no expense to make sure horses are fully rehabilitated. The heartbeat of For Hank’s Sake and Equinox Stables lies in the comprehensive proprietary rehabilitation program that each member of the herd goes through. During rehabilitation, horses have long periods of down time, and they get to socialize with other members of the herd to find their pair bond buddy.  


Rehabilitation includes a complete physical and emotional assessment: Each horse is put on a quality nutrition and supplement program to ensure all of their daily nutritional requirements are met. Their feet and teeth are assessed, and they are watched and monitored for any unusual behaviors. Often during this time, we get the pleasure of seeing a horse’s personality emerge. This is a joyful time of discovery for horses and humans and is one of the most beautiful parts of the transition process.  


At the same time, basic skills are taught such as: safe leading and handling, head down ques, haltering, and backing up. This ensures the safety of all handlers and horses. 


Once the horses of For Hank’s Sake are through their rehab period, they are released into an extensive training program. The training program is as comprehensive as the rehabilitation program. Tammi says “Our goal is to ensure that we develop safe and calm horses. Just as the rehabilitation program cannot be rushed, neither can the retraining process. They are first trained in hand and through a comprehensive groundwork training program before a saddle is ever placed on their back again”. 


Love is never rushed here.


You probably have little room in your backyard for a horse. However, we offer a chance for you to participate in providing continued care for rescued horses and retired racehorses through our monthly sponsorship program. You can help us continue to provide outstanding care for our horses through sponsorships as low as $10 a month.


When you choose a donor level below, you are helping to provide ongoing care to Hank’s herd which ensures he and his four-legged friends can continue to bring hope to children and adults of all ages. Your generous monthly sponsorship will help provide the following:

WALK : $10 - $50/month

Your sponsorship starting at $10 a month helps cover the costs of general horse maintenance such as grooming, worming and mucking out stalls or fields. This monthly gift can also help cover the costs of general farrier maintenance for one horse.

TROT : $60 - $100/month

Sponsorship at this level helps cover the costs of hay and feed for one horse. Feed and hay on average can range from $100-$250 /month per horse, so your generous support goes a long way to helping supply quality feed for Hank or a member of his herd.

CANTER : $125 - $250/month

Sponsorship at this level helps cover the cost of regular veterinarian check-ups that include dental care, shots and medications to help ensure Hank’s herd remains healthy and strong.

GALLOP : $500 and above/month

Becoming a Christmas Angel on Horseback provides all essential care to one horse every month. This includes medical costs, feed, bedding and stall supplies, and ongoing training associated with the quality care of one of Hank’s herd members.

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Life Coaching for Kids

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Hank's first friend smiled and then she laughed. With a spark in her eyes, she said "I promise to love you and other animals like you. We are going to friends forever!"

Children's Story Books

Funding at this level helps our efforts to publish children’s novels after our namesake horse, Hank. The stories are written for ages 2-6, and ages 7-12. Our goal in publishing these stories is to teach lessons in giving, courage, being kind, happiness, and the importance of friendship.

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- Book Excerpt


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