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Have you HERD?
Even Heroes need help.


You probably have little room in your backyard for a horse. However, we offer a chance for you to participate in providing continued care for rescued horses and retired racehorses through our monthly sponsorship program. You can help us continue to provide outstanding care for our horses through sponsorships as low as $10 a month.

Become one Hank’s Hay Helpers by sponsoring Hank and his herd throughout the year. When you choose a donor level below, you are helping to provide continued care to the For Hank’s Sake herd of rescued horses, retired racehorses, and miniature donkeys. Your donation makes sure Hank and his herd mates can continue to bring hope to children and adults of all ages.


Your generous monthly sponsorship will help provide for the following:

  • Feed - Hay Oats, Salt & Mineral Blocks, and Treats for Training

  • Bedding and Stall Supplies

  • Horse Blankets and Repairs

  • Essential Medical Care - Dental, Shots, Check Ups, Medications,

                  Specialized Treatments and More

  • Hoof Trimming (Farrier)








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Hank's Hay Helpers

$10 - $50

Your sponsorship starting at $10 a month helps cover the costs of general horse maintenance such as grooming, worming and mucking out stalls or fields. This monthly gift can also help cover the costs of general farrier maintenance for one horse.

Hank's Hay Helpers

$60 - $100

Sponsorship at this level helps cover the costs of hay and feed for one horse. Feed and hay on average can range from $100-$250 /month per horse, so your generous support goes a long way to helping supply quality feed for Hank or a member of his herd.

Hank's Hay Helpers

$125 - $250

Sponsorship at this level helps cover the cost of regular veterinarian check-ups that include dental care, shots and medications to help ensure Hank’s herd remains healthy and strong.

Hank's Hay Helpers

$500 and above/month

Becoming a sponsor at this level provides all essential care to one horse every month. This includes medical costs, feed, bedding and stall supplies, and ongoing training associated with the quality care of one of Hank’s herd members.

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Your monthly contribution goes towards the physical, mental, and nutritional health of the entire For Hank’s Sake herd and helps ensure that they live the kind of happy, healthy, and loving life deserving of all animals. There are fewer things more glorious than a happy, healthy horse dappled in warm sunlight and cool shade.


“Love is never rushed here! We provide a beautiful, peaceful, and healthy life so that all the

horses in my care never have to worry about hunger, pain, cruelty, loneliness, and neglect of

any kind ever again. I promised each and every herd member a lifetime of love, comfort, and

care and we maintain that promise daily.”

- Tammi Regan

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Hank's Heart.jpg
Hank's Heart.jpg
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