Let the horses be our guides.

For Hanks Sake connects rescued horses with underprivileged youth to inspire strength and self-confidence through equine-assisted literary programs. 

You can meet Hank the Horse™  at school, the library, a nursing home or on our farm with the rest of his herd. All you need is a smile and a willingness to learn. Hank will provide the rest.


Check out our schedule of events or click below to schedule a visit of your own. We hope to see you soon!

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Our Approach


For Hank’s Sake is a 501(c)3 non-profit in Lexington, KY, that rescues abandoned horses and saves them from lives of despair.



We bring these unwanted horses to our farm, provide them with loving care, customized rehabilitation and specialized retraining.

We take these wonderful animals out into the community to bring hope, courage and inspiration to children and adults of all ages.

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Hank the Hero! A horse on a mission.

For Hank’s Sake was named after the organization's first rescued horse, a Tennessee Walking Horse, named Hank.


Hank teaches us that no matter how bad things get as long as you have love and humility in your heart, you can recover from anything. 


Hank has become our ambassador, a symbol of hope, and a beacon of light for all animals suffering from neglect. The little heart-shaped white fur beneath his forelock inspired the For Hank’s Sake logo, creating a lifelong brand of love.

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Hank visits libraries and schools throughout Kentucky to encourage reading, as well as on farm programs.


Hank visits the elderly, those in hospitals, and other in need of the joy of a horse.


Hank headlines events that drive donations for other charitable donations.

Hank is making a real difference.


Help Hank change the world.

It costs about $5,000 per year to care for a horse. As our herd grows, we could use help for things like hay, medicine, and supplements.

Hank has many projects going on to spread a love for literacy and would love for you to join our efforts in getting our message as far and wide as possible.