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Welcome Hotcha Do It

March 15, 2017

Today we celebrate the birthday and officially announce the eighth member of the Equinox Stables/For Hank's Sake rescue herd, Hotcha Do It, or Hotcha for short. Half-sister to fellow rescue, Let’s Go JoJo, Hotcha’s sire is none other than the world famous Smarty Jones and his dam the fabulous Dynamist, by Dynaformer. A six-year old Off-The-Track-Thoroughbred, Hotcha was blinded in the right eye in a mysterious accident when he was just two years old. Physically compromised, this champion didn't let it stop him. He went on to have a very successful racing career: 31 total races, placing in half of those races in the top three and six wins! Talk about a stellar athlete with a lot of heart.


While visiting a colleague’s rescue facility Hotcha called out to Equinox founder, Tammi Jo Regan, who said of the overwhelmingly spiritual encounter, “I knew immediately that I wanted Hotcha in my equine therapy program." Tammi worked fast to take ownership of this curious, sweet boy, so fun and full of life. Hot Shot, as he is often affectionally called, has already been through his lay-up and recovery period, and will stand, per stable tradition, for a brief time in Stall # 4 in honor of Tammi's beloved father, Duane C. Regan. All horses coming into Equinox Stables stand in Stall # 4 until we are sure they are mentally, emotionally and physically fit to move into advanced training. Hotcha is currently reinforcing his groundwork skills and will subsequently move into an advanced riding program. For now he's been enjoying trail rides, obstacle training and soon will be introduced to trick training. With today being Hotcha’s seventh birthday, we can’t think of a better, more appropriate time to officially and publicly welcome him. Happy Birthday, sweet Hotchie. Hank welcomes you to his herd, as do we all.

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