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Princess Jasmine's Whole New World

July 26, 2017

Abandoned in a field, this sweet little eighteen year-old mini was seen standing cold and alone after having been neglected for who knows how long. Her basic needs unmet, it was anyone’s guess how long she had stood there, starving, without water or shelter. Rescued from that lonely life of isolation on none other than January 1, 2017, this old girl’s new life started the moment she stepped off the trailer into Equinox Stables. With no known name, Tammi chose the name Jasmine, after the beautiful flower as well as the heroic princess in the storybook, Aladdin. Jasmine came to Equinox a wounded, wilted spirit with desperate dreams for a better, brighter life. Upon being rescued, she could scarcely take a step since her feet had been neglected for so long. Her hooves literally curved upward, impeding her ability to walk, hence the Aladdin reference. Her hooves reminded Tammi of his slippers. Horses need their hooves trimmed every 4-6 weeks. The condition of her hooves showed how long she was abandoned and not properly cared for, likely amounting to 6-8 months of no trims. Hooves in this bad of condition create a lot of pain for horses. So, Jasmine was not just alone, cold and hungry. She was also in a great deal of pain due to her hoof condition. Her matted, white coat was dulled, tangled and discolored. Like the jasmine flower shrub that bears the same name, Jasmine arrived with a bushy growth that sprawls unless properly pruned. And just as annual trimming and proper care will keep the jasmine plant in good form and ensure abundant flowering, our beautiful Jasmine required the same treatment. This beautiful flower bud was just waiting to bloom. Tammi slowly began to earn Jasmine’s trust after spending long hours in her stall, sitting quietly and patiently, slowly but surely allowing Jasmine to feel comfortable in her presence. Tammi taught the Equinox barn staff to do the same. Once terrified and skittish, and yet desperately craving attention, Jasmine now shares space with her other herd mates and is no longer so timid around her mini gal pals, Clover and Sugar. Before too long, Tammi was able to teach Jasmine to accept haltering and being led without being terrified. Tammi calls their walks together “mini adventures,” short trips around the farm to increase her confidence and curiosity. She is showing more and more intrigue for the world around her, becoming braver each day and all the more willing to learn. The team has located her favorite itchy spots and Tammi taught her how to smile! Her willingness to trust again really does prove that patience, love and kindness can heal all kinds of wounds. We just can't fathom her out there in the woods all by herself for who knows how long? It constricts the heart to think of her all alone like that and the fear and terror she surely must have felt. With her confidence and trust restored, perhaps for the first time in her life, it was discovered that Jasmine absolutely adores children. She is a sweet and gentle soul, shy, but kind and willing. Her future in the Equinox herd will be as a therapy horse and she will never know loneliness, hunger, pain and suffering again. Just like the beautiful princess in the famous story, Jasmine’s future in the Equinox herd will be a whole new world…. a new fantastic point of view… a dazzling place she never knew. Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings. Running, bucking, playing through endless green pastures. We are witnessing this blossoming of her spirit, the joy of exploration, the thrill of adventure. Each and every day is a milestone achievement for her. She will live out the remainder of her years surrounded in complete and utter love.

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