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Res Judicata

My father and I used to share a few catchphrases in life. As a military man, he taught me from a very young age to “Show No Fear” and to “Make A Difference.” Now, here he was again, still teaching me from across The Great Divide, reminding me once again to, “Do Something.”


The Heaven inspired dream that led me to bringing Res Judicata home as the tenth horse in my  For Hank’s Sake Herd prompted me to wonder the depth of meaning behind those words -- “Do Something.” I have always held dear the phrase, "Make A Difference." It had long become one of my mantras and core to my guiding values and principles. "Show No Fear" was something I heard from my father throughout my life. In the wake of the dream, I spent days pondering the larger meaning of his most recent message; ultimately I decided he was telling me it was time to bring my message forth, to go out there and make a real difference in the world. It was time to stand up and let my voice - and the voices of many horses - be heard. 

Following this dream, I knew Res Judicata would be the horse to help me bring awareness to off-track Thoroughbreds as well all horses in need. My partnership with Res is nothing less than  a divine calling, sent through my beloved father Duane C. Regan, to Take Action, Show No Fear and Make A Difference. And now, my little red horse, Res Judicata is more than the tenth member of The For Hank’s Sake Herd and forever a part of the horses of Equinox Stables.


He is my friend, my partner, and equine co-advocate and helps drive the mission of For Hank’s Sake by bringing awareness to brilliant off-track Thoroughbreds, and the second chances they all deserve. 

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