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It takes a lot of hope, hay, and hard work to keep the farm at Equinox Stables going. Committed to individualized care for every member of our herd, that means specialized diets, regular visits from the farrier, veterinary care and much more. Retired racehorses also require specific aftercare just like any other professional athlete! 


A general donation to the herd can be made at any level, but if reading the stories of any of our herd members reaches out to you, we offer a Sponsor a Horse program to help offset the cost of caring for these special animals.


In the For Hank’s Sake propriety rehabilitation program, no horse moves on to the retraining program unless they are 100% rehabilitated. 


Horses need to spend time just being a horse again. They need time to rest and recover from the rigors of racing or the traumas from living a life of neglect.  For Hank’s Sake spares no expense to make sure horses are fully rehabilitated. The heartbeat of For Hank’s Sake and Equinox Stables lies in the comprehensive rehabilitation program that each one of Tammi’s privately owned horses go through. During the rehab period, horses have long periods of down time, they get to socialize with other members of the herd, and find their pair bond buddy. 

Basic skills are taught such as: safe leading and handling, head down ques, haltering, and backing up. This ensures the safety of all handlers and horses. More in depth training will be done later once they are through the rehab program. Also during this time, their physical needs are assessed, they are put on a quality nutrition and supplement program to ensure all of their daily nutritional requirements are met. Their feet and teeth are assessed, they are watched and monitored for any unusual vices or behaviors. They receive a lot of love and attention.


Often during this time, we get the pleasure of seeing their personalities emerge. It’s a joyful time of discovery for horses and humans and is one of the most beautiful parts of the transition process. 


Once the horses of For Hank’s Sake are through their rehab period, they are released into an extensive training program. The training program is as comprehensive as the rehabilitation program. Tammi says “Our goal is to ensure that we develop safe and calm horses. Just as the rehabilitation program can’t be rushed, neither can the retraining process. They are first trained in hand and through a comprehensive groundwork training program before a saddle is ever placed on their back again”.


Love is never rushed here

Our Programs

Stay For Life


To adopt a horse for life that will continue to live out their life at Equinox Stables. Pay $50-$300 a month towards the horses' care. This program was developed to help match horses with people who want to connect to one special horse but cannot actually own one.


Level One


Any donation makes a difference in the lives of our horses. Sponsoring a horse at this level can fund a bay of hale, or a visit from the farrier for our herd. 


Sponsors at his level will receive a Thank You card and personal message of their chosen herd member enjoying a favorite treat. 





Level Two


Sponsoring a horse at this level can pay for a month of care for a chosen herd member or can be made as a general donation towards the herds care. 


Sponsors at his level will receive a Thank You card and personal message of their chosen herd member enjoying a favorite treat, a video message from their herd member, and a Hank’s Heroes T-Shirt.



Level Three - Canter


Sponsoring a horse at the canter can cover months of care for your favorite Equinox Herd member. This can also be made as a general donation to the whole herd, a donation at this level could fund the farrier care for our dedicated herd for a year!

Sponsors at his level will receive a Thank You card and personal message from their chosen herd member enjoying a favorite treat, a video message from their herd member, a Hank’s Heroes T-Shirt, and a Canvas portrait of their chosen herd member.


*Local sponsors at any level have the opportunity to come visit the Equinox Herd in person, schedule and weather permitting.


If you are unsure which level is for you, or you wish to speak to us in more detail about the options and horses, please feel free to connect with us. 

CONTACT US - 609-694-1917

Our Horses


JoJo, Smarty Jones’ first generation offspring, had a racing career that ended practically as soon as it began, due to injury. Touched by the promise of what could have been, Equinox founder, Tammi, saw her beauty and potential.


JoJo entered the For Hank's Sake herd as a 2 year old filly. She was so young and had great difficulty trusting, she was afraid of her own shadow, and her mind is easily frazzled due to an aggressive training program on the track at a very early age. We laid her up for a full year while her injury healed, and her emotional well being became the charge of our ambassador Hank. He has been seen putting his big head around her and pulling her close to him to calm her down in her moments of fear and uncertainty, and he has helped JoJo develop into a confident and beautiful mare. JoJo now has lovely ground manners, and has blossomed into a great trail horse. Light Dressage is proving good for her mind as well.



Stunning Scarlet, a gorgeous, gentle, dark bay thoroughbred had her first win off the track when she found her forever home at Equinox Stables, LLC in February of 2015. Her demeanor is sweet and gracious despite a grueling life on the track. 12 starts and nearly 50,000 in earnings, Scarlett came to Equinox riddled with ulcers and crippled with pain. After two years of recuperation and rehabilitation, Scarlet is finally free from pain. She runs, bucks and plays in the pastures now and enjoys light dressage and trail riding. 


Since becoming an ambassador in For Hank’s Sake Herd, Scarlet has been charming the boots off of everyone who meets her. We love our gentle giant of a Thoroughbred, Sweet Scarlet. Her beauty, calming energy, and gentle disposition make our hearts melt every day.


The eighth member of the For Hanks Sake herd is Hotcha, another Off-Track Thoroughbred. Blinded in the right eye in a training accident, his stellar racing career came to an abrupt halt. When Hotcha called out to Hank's Sake founder, Tammi, while visiting her colleague’s rescue facility, she knew immediately he would be in her equine assisted learning program. Who can’t relate to having some kind on disability, whether physical, mental or emotional? 


While Hotcha Do It may be the younger brother to Res Judicata, both sons of the racing legend Smarty Jones, he is certainly the old soul of our OTTB crew. It seems even big brother Res turns to him for guidance. He is a curious, sweet boy, fun and full of life. Hotcha enjoys trick training and ground work, as well as further developing his advanced riding skills. Hotcha Do It, or Hotchie to his friends, is our very own One Eyed Wonder Horse! 



Cochise was rescued from the kill pen in the eleventh hour, becoming the seventh member of the Equinox Herd. This ten-year old Tennessee Walking Horse arrived underweight, with very sore feet and a completely shattered mind. Force, fear, intimidation and domination had evidently been used as training tactics on him. As a result, he was terrified of hands around his face, head and neck. He likely had been either a lone horse or only had one pasture mate during his life. He knew nothing of herd social skills. After spending a great deal of time in a specialize training program, Cochise now shows that he learns remarkably fast and has a very willing spirit. He’s a smart and curious horse…playful and fun... and now stands comfortably next to his herd mates. Cochise is already well on his way to becoming a beautiful liberty horse and is currently engaged in round pen work in preparation for the equine assisted learning program.


An Equine Angel now walks among the For Hank's Sake herd. Sweet BraveHeart passed from this earthly realm on April 26, 2020.


BraveHeart’s second chapter of his new life began when he was rescued from slaughter on November 24, 2015. There could not have been a more perfect name for this perfect horse. We didn’t know his name in his former life. Tammi met him as hip #775 and began to call him BraveHeart while he was still at an intermediary facility, known as the kill pen. Rescued in the eleventh hour, this big, beautiful boy came home to live out the rest of his days with peace, companionship, and comfort alongside the rest of the For Hank’s Sake Herd.


Over the years, BraveHeart became the face and ambassador of Equinox Stables. The life he lived since his rescue from imminent doom was filled with love, friendship, and happiness. It was said often; his life wasn’t perfect, but he was perfectly happy. Every day, BraveHeart taught us about the real power of thankfulness.


BraveHeart was surrounded with love, kindness, and friendship during his final hours. His little love buddy, Clover was with him, too. We rubbed him, loved him, and gave thanks for him. I was surrounded by love and friendship, too. Caring for BraveHeart filled our days with deep love and incredible kindness. A horse, a survivor, and Braver than words can say…he was the kindest and bravest of all. We will forever treasure his legacy of love, friendship, kindness, and immense capacity to forgive.



Cute little Clover has endured so much in her sweet life. She is named after the heart-shaped leaf that bears the same name, Clover is a miracle horse on so many levels. Abandoned at auction, For Hank’s Sake founder, Tammi Regan, found this miniature horse tied to a pole and couldn’t leave her behind. Clover knows all of her basic groundwork. In March of 2015, while in the process of being introduced to the round pen and trick training, she fell very ill. Clover was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease which in turn brought on Cushing’s Disease, then Laminitis. Not long after, she foundered. It was a six-month long epic battle to keep her alive. Today she thrives. 



Sweet Sugar, is so loving and affectionate, you can’t help but give her some sugar every time she leans up against you. This miniature horse is as full of sass as they come! Known around the barn as Sugar Shaker, Sugar Leaf, or Sugar Muffin. Sugar is the fifth member of the Equinox herd. Rescued from a life of dark isolation, Sugar was found in a stall that she could barely turn around in. For two years, she lived without any pasture buddies and scant moments of human interaction. Today she is most definitely the boss mare of the herd and does not know she is a miniature horse. It has been a joy to watch Sugar’s personality emerge. She enjoys learning new tricks with her fellow mini friends Clover and Jasmine.



Abandoned in a field, this sweet little eighteen year-old mini was seen standing cold and alone after having been neglected for who knows how long. Her basic needs unmet, no one knows how long she had stood there, starving, without water or shelter, all her basic needs unmet. Rescued from that lonely life of isolation on none other than January 1, 2017, this old girl’s rescue started the moment she stepped on the trailer to live out the remainder of her life among the For Hank’s Sake herd.


Named after the beautiful flower as well as the heroic princess in the movie, Aladdin, Jasmine came to For Hank’s Sake a wounded, wilted spirit with desperate dreams for a better, brighter life. She wore slippers for hooves and could scarcely take a step because her feet had been neglected for so long. Her matted, white coat was dulled, tangled and discolored. Like the jasmine flower shrub that bears the same name, Jasmine arrived with a bushy growth that sprawls unless properly pruned. And just as annual trimming and proper care will keep the jasmine plant in good form and ensure abundant flowering, our beautiful Jasmine required the same treatment. This beautiful flower bud was a beauty to behold when she was allowed to blossom.


It wasn’t long before we discovered that Jasmine absolutely adores children. She is a sweet and gentle soul, shy, but kind and willing. Her future in the For Hank’s Sake herd will be as an equine assisted learning coach for kids. She will never know loneliness, hunger, pain or suffering again and will live out the remainder of her years surrounded in love, comfort, and care.


Res Judicata is the first generation descendent of Smarty Jones, and as such characteristically demonstrates the toughness of his bloodline. He is a third-generation descendent of Mr. Prospector, therefore by extension Res Judicata is related to many recent Triple Crown hopefuls including Funny Cide, Afleet Alex, and Fusiachi Pegasus. Also included in Res Judicatas’ pedigree are triple crown winners Secretariart and Count Fleet, and such other champions as Northern Dancer, Foolish Pleasure, and the Mighty Man O’War who is considered #1 on the list of top racehorses Of the 20th Century. Res Judicatas’ Dam is Mohonour by Honor Glory. 


Upon retirement from racing Res Judicata found his forever home with Tammi Regan, his new owner and founder of For Hanks Sake.


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