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Empowered Horses.
Empowered Youth.
Empowered Community.

For Hank’s Sake is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and retraining neglected and abused horses. We are committed to providing the horses in our stables a lifetime of love, comfort, and care. 

For Hank’s Sake plays a leading role in raising awareness of the need to actively identify and care for neglected horses. As a way to give back to the community, we connect with other organizations to include underprivileged children and at-risk youth in the proper care of rehabilitated horses. We help the children strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence through their interaction with these majestic, gentle animals.

For Hank’s Sake, a tax-exempt nonprofit foundation, was named after the organization's first rescued horse, a Tennessee Walking Horse, named Hank. Hank is proof that all horses are worthy of love, care and a second chance. Hank teaches us that no matter how bad things get as long as you have humility and patience in your heart you can recover from anything.  He has become our ambassador, a symbol of hope and a beacon of light for all animals suffering from neglect, abuse, and torture. The little heart-shaped white fur beneath his forelock inspired the For Hank’s Sake logo, creating a lifelong brand of love.


"Hank makes people stronger, kinder, and teaches us to love deeper." - Tammi Regan, Hank's Mom


Tammi Regan serves as the founder and CEO of For Hank’s Sake and Equinox Stables, LLC. For Hank’s Sake is a non-profit foundation dedicated to rehabilitating, and retraining neglected and abused horses and Thoroughbreds retired from their racing careers. Through her children's program initiatives and curriculums, Tammi connects disadvantaged and troubled youth with the opportunity to learn and care for horses who have likewise experienced abuse or abandonment.

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