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Empowered Horses.
Empowered Youth.
Empowered Community.

For Hank’s Sake is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to harnessing the power and beauty of horses to inspire and encourage children of all ages.
For Hank's Sake has a steadfast commitment to rescuing neglected and unwanted horses, then providing them with loving care, rehabilitation, and retraining for useful purposes.
For Hank's Sake uses horses and equine related learning activities to bring love, hope, and healing to vulnerable populations. We are on a mission to empower communities for a brighter future.

About Hank the Horse ®️

For Hank’s Sake was named after the organization's first rescued horse, a Tennessee Walking Horse, named Hank.


Hank teaches us that no matter how bad things get as long as you have love and humility in your heart, you can recover from anything. 


Hank the Horse®️ has become our Brand Ambassador, a symbol of hope, and a beacon of light for all animals suffering from neglect. The little heart-shaped white fur beneath his forelock inspired the For Hank’s Sake logo, creating a lifelong brand of love.

"Hank makes people stronger, kinder, and teaches us to love deeper."
- Tammi Regan, Hank's Mom

    About Tammi

Tammi Regan, Hank’s Mom and best friend, is the founder and CEO of For Hank’s Sake, and owner of Equinox Stables, Hank’s home on the farm. 


Tammi uses her team of rescued horses, retired racehorses, and miniature donkeys to coach and mentor children and to empower communities with love. She aspires to make a global impact on how we all care for disadvantaged horses and to help put an end to animal neglect and cruelty forever. 


Through the literacy excellence programs of For Hank’s Sake, Tammi connects kids of all ages with the opportunity to learn and care for horses who have experienced neglect or abandonment, but are now living happy, healthy lives. 

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Chief Executive Horse



For Hank's Sake


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