Pages For a Purpose
Literacy Excellence Program

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Hank’s Literacy Excellence Program, Pages for a Purpose, is aimed at increasing literacy and introducing the wonder of reading to children in the United States, starting in Hank’s home state of Kentucky


According to the Annie E. Casey Foundation, students who

do not read proficiently by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of school.

Sixty-five percent of fourth graders read below grade level, according to Reading Is

Fundamental (RIF), contributing to 8,000 students dropping out of

high school every day. RIF also reports that in 2019 in Kentucky, students

who were eligible for free/reduced-price school lunch, an indicator of low family income,

had an average score that was 24 points lower than that of students who were not eligible.

It is clear to Hank that something needs to be done!

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Pages for a Purpose Literacy and Coaching Programs


In keeping with the Mission each of the following programs are designed to empower and encourage kids of all ages to achieve literary excellence through horses and equine related learning activities.

Life Coaching for Kids™

GOAL: $10,000

Throughout the ages, the power of storytelling has been used to share knowledge. With Adventures in Wisdom®, we use the power of stories to help kids develop a mindset for happiness, confidence, and success in their lives. 


Imagine sharing a story with a child and suddenly seeing them discover their magnificence! That is powerful!


Mindset Skills are the key to instilling confidence in kids. Stories are the Answer! We Inspire and Empower Kids…ONE STORY AT A TIME. ONE BOOK AT A TIME. 


 Our goal is to create an online learning portal for children to complete the Adventures in Wisdom Coaching Program by virtual methods so we can reach and impact kids all over the world.



GOAL: $5,000

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“Be Like Hank,” is an inspirational storybook series about a once lonely horse. Hank lived alone and neglected on a farm.  He was dirty and covered in mud. Hank didn’t have any friends. Until one day he was saved by a friend who would never give up on him. 


The storybook series are written for ages 2-6 and 7-12. Our goal in publishing these stories is to teach children lessons in courage, friendship, giving, and the joys of life in spite of hardships. Readers will learn about Hank’s journey from a once forsaken horse to a life filled with love and many happy adventures.

“Hank’s first friend smiled and laughed. With a sparkle in her eyes, she said, “I promise to love you and other animals like you. We are going to be friends forever!”

~Book Excerpt

"Be Like Hank"

GOAL: $2,500

For Hank’s Sake, INC. has custom designed this fun and interactive Equine Activity Book featuring Hank and his herd mates for kids to learn from Hank. The activities were created to help kids understand Hank's important life lessons. 


The activity book features coloring pages, word games, social skills activities , as well as learning and picture activities.


Our goal in publishing this activity book is to teach kids of all ages lessons in giving, courage, being kind, happiness, and the importance of friendship. This book is designed to help share Hank's mission, vision, and values.

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The soft, cuddly plushy version of Hank will be donated to organizations that support children. Imagine all the kids we can serve and bring happiness to with Hank plushies! Now, children all over the world can have a part of Hank, and the comfort he brings, with them.


GOAL: $2,600