A Kentucky-born horse, Hank was found in a muddy field and essentially left to starve, his basic needs unmet. Tammi, an avid horse enthusiast and animal advocate, saw this emaciated Tennessee Walker standing all alone, fell immediately in love and set about rescuing him. As Tammi’s very first rescue, Hank became the brand ambassador for the rescue organization that bears his face and name. His little splotch of white fur beneath his forelock in the shape of a heart inspired the For Hank’s Sake logo, creating a lifelong brand of love. His story became the first of many, and went on to become the driving force behind Tammi’s mission: to be a safe haven and a voice for abused and neglected horses.

The promise Tammi made to Hank on the day she found him was to provide a lifetime of love, comfort and care for him any and other horses in need that found their way into her heart and barn. Since that day, Tammi has successfully rescued five horses from desperate situations and adopted four off-track Thoroughbreds. All horses have been successfully rehabilitated and retrained under the banner of her equine organization, Equinox Stables, LLC.


Now in his eighth year as an Equinox Stables horse, Hank has matured into a healthy, strong and spirited horse. He most often can be found grazing and clowning around with his herd mates and caretakers, enjoying life as the King of his equine castle. He protects his herd, comforts the newcomers and helps them adjust to life “just being a horse.” At the barn, Hank trains regularly for his duties as an equine assisted therapy horse, learning highly specialized skills which he will ultimately employ to bring comfort and support to at-risk youth, and underprivileged children.


Tammi also made another promise after she rescued Hank. That promise was to her veteran father, Duane C. Regan, who championed all of Tammi’s animal rescue efforts. After introducing her Dad to Hank for the first time and feeling the sublime joy that passed between them, Tammi turned to her father and said, “Dad, I promise you’ll see me and Hank ringing The Salvation Army kettle bells at Christmas time someday." As a lifelong supporter of the Salvation Army himself, Duane loved the idea, and while sadly he no longer resides within this earthly realm, Tammi says she knows he’ll be watching from across the great divide... cheering on his girl and her 1,300 pound prop as they make good on that promise, together.

Hank and all the For Hank’s Sake horses came to Tammi from compromised, if not bleak circumstances. Today they thrive. Now, with the receipt of official nonprofit status, this organization has obtained the credibility, potential and power to lend life-changing, life-saving support to horses everywhere. The challenges that come with this territory are many and varied, and yet For Hank’s Sake proves just how much is possible when the human spirit and the spirit of the horse come together to rise up as a voice for the voiceless, a heart for the heartbroken, a home for the homeless, and a light in the darkness.


Because Hank is Tammi's first rescue, they have shared fun adventures and celebrated milestone achievements together. Their journey is only beginning though. With the status of a Non-Profit Organization, their goals and grand vision are coming to light as they bring forth their important message of equine rescue, rehabilitation, and retraining into the world.

We envision that we will one day live in a world where animal abuse and neglect will no longer be tolerated in our society; that our rehabilitated horses will continue to add precious value to our communities; and that our model of animal care will serve as a benchmark of global excellence.

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